Sally Moluf Hoss

"Buffalo proposal document.", Computer printed proposal, 8.5 x 11 inches

Artist Statement

From the proposal document sent to Sarpy County, this is the statement for the buffalo bench titled Country.

The Country buffalo is an abstract sunburst inspired by the natural environment of the Nebraska area. The title refers to country in a couple of ways, the land around us and the nation in which we live. The front view sunburst has a loose, soft style to indicate the way that I place paint on surfaces. From the center, there is an upward burst of an abstract navy and blue star-filled sky with red rays from the sun next to it. This refers to the stars, the sky and the sun in nature as well as our country's flag in an abstract manner. The lower half of the front view has abstracted indications and impressions of the land, plants, trees, water, sun, sky, etc. present in our beautiful part of the country.